What is Mint Club?


Mint Club is a very simple and fast smart token building platform that does not require users with a lot of dev knowledge. Anyone can launch their own token with a few simple mouse clicks.

Special features of the Mint Club project


Currently, the Mint Club project is one of the "seed" projects being nurtured by Binance Labs from the Binance Incubation Program season 3.

Besides being supported by Binance Labs for investment, the Mint Club project also has the following special features:

Easy Initialization of Tokens


Mint Club empowers anyone to create tokens, backed by smart contracts. Users can set token name, symbol, total supply and description easily. Other complex parts will be done automatically by the protocol.

Bonding Curve


The algorithmic price curve allows to buy or sell tokens at any time, directly through the smart contract. All tokens have a collateral contract where the value of the token is backed by the MINT token.

Use the platform with low cost


Mint Club offers one of the most user-friendly interfaces in a decentralized environment. Each token has a swap page with the tokens described ( built on the BSC network, which has 35x cheaper gas fees. The project designed simple scripts to streamline the cost structure.

Mint Club commission bonus


Any user can create a referral link to invite friends to Mint Club. When someone accesses Mint Club through the referral link, all their transaction fees will automatically go to the referrer's wallet.

Fair Launch Token


Mint Club establishes a fair launch platform for MINT token (key currency on Mint Club. Smart Tokens are generated by Mint Club protocol through the following principles:

The MINT token has no public sale, no investors, and no allocation to the team. All are owned by the community.
The community enjoys 100% of the transaction fees, not to the developers. Mint Club collects a sales tax of 1.3% and a purchase tax of 0.3% When a user trades all the fees go to the referrer. In addition, if the transaction is made by a user who is not referred by anyone, the transaction fee will be transferred to the HUNT Burning system. Anyone can create their own web interface that interacts with Smart Tokens on Mint Club to collect transaction fees.
All tokens do not have a free allocation. In Mint Club, rug pull is difficult because there is no free allocation of tokens. Even token creators have to pay the costs posed by the bonding curve to buy their tokens.



The project's smart contracts have completed the inspection process by SOOHO, one of the leading security auditors.

Mint Club protocol security is a top priority, so the project has made every effort to consider possible risk scenarios. However, this does not mean that using Mint Club is without risk.