After months of work, user interface research, and updated design language for apps, Avalaunch is finally excited to announce a brand new look for its launchpad.


Avalaunch's number one goal is to provide the highest level of experience for the entire community, and for that reason Avalaunch always needs to stay ahead. Although they have received rave reviews for their ease of use and intuitive design, Avalaunch is constantly striving for more.


The new Avalaunch UX/UI is the result of community listening and clears the way for several new features coming soon. 2022 is set to be an important year for both Avalaunch and the Avalanche ecosystem in general, and Avalaunch believes this new interface update will be the springboard for a successful and prosperous new year.


Home page


New homepage

Over the past year, there have been many parallel applications and features of Avalaunch such as LP farming, KYC portal, audit... born and need a "stand" on the homepage. While all is working well, Avalaunch still feels they need to be rearranged to provide a more focused experience.


The new Avalaunch home page will be updated with everything users need to know about Avalaunch and how to join the platform, while maintaining more seamless paths through calls to action and information. .


Crucial to this new update, Avalaunch wants to make it so that new users immediately understand the value proposition and next steps when using the platform for the first time.


Avalaunch has also added an area highlighting the most recent Avalaunch sales. Avalaunch's current and past sales can now be found in multiple places on the site so users can view and access the latest opportunities on the platform.


My Profile (KYC/Verification/Register)

With the new interface, Avalaunch has turned KYC and account creation into one application, without the need to navigate across multiple websites as before. The old KYC app has been removed and everything has been put into a single domain.


All new features can now be found in the improved “My Profile” tab and can be easily accessed or referenced at any time.


My Profile (KYC/Verification/Register)

On the profile page, the user can create an account, complete KYC, verify (or change) the wallet and register as a validator (if the user wants to run an Avalanche node).


While legacy separate apps may seem like no big deal, Avalaunch wants the Avalaunch experience to be as simple as possible.


The “My Profile” page puts the most important first steps forward and in one place, allowing for a smoother experience for new users and those looking to make changes to their account.





Avalaunch has also completely redesigned its launchpad with a focus on quicker and more intuitive engagement.


Upon arrival in the app, new users are introduced to the immediate next steps they need to take to start participating in the sale.


They can also check current sales, past IDO launches and funds raised, and historical stats.


From any sale page, users can also find sale information, tokens, vesting schedule and more.


Sales Page


Sales Page

Avalaunch's Sales Page is where users can view all the sales that have taken place on the platform. Users can also sort by relevant filters such as date, ATH and total raised capital…


Staking allocation


Staking allocation

The staking allocation page is probably one of the biggest changes to the app. From here, users will be able to staking, withdraw, compound, harvest as well as view:


Current APY

User's current staking number

Number of XAVA earned


The charts and TVL sections have also been refreshed with information presented in a clearer and easier to understand manner.



Avalaunch often surprises the community with free organized IDOs, as well as attractive airdrops after the completion of the IDO.



In addition to the redesigned cards, Avalaunch has added a search bar and search filters. This was a much requested feature and the airdrop recipients can now sort by:


New Airdrop

Airdrop eligible users to participate

XAVA Airdrop

One cool feature of the new filter is that it can take into account the rate and display the number of tokens a user is eligible to claim.


Platform stats


Platform stats

Avalaunch is very proud of Avalaunch's impact on the Avalanche ecosystem, and Avalaunch wants to make sure that users can track them with real numbers.


The redesigned stats page is a aggregator of all relevant metrics to gauge the reach and performance of the Avalaunch platform. Up to 12 sales events alone, the platform has raised nearly 9,000,000 USD and attracted 90,000 KYC users (at the time of writing).



The new user interface is just the first in a series of major upgrades that will reshape the platform and how XAVA owners interact with the platform. Avalaunch has seen tremendous growth over the past year with many new features planned for the v2 app version, scaling with the ecosystem while honoring the most loyal user base. by Avalaunch.


About Avalaunch


Avalaunch is the first IDO platform built on the Avalanche network , allowing new projects to access capital from many investors around the globe. With fast transaction speed, low transaction costs, security and system stability, and cross-chain capability.