World-famous chip maker Intel announced that it will introduce an "ultra-low power" Bitcoin mining device in February.


Intel, the world's leading chip manufacturer, is likely to soon announce a new generation of chips specifically for Bitcoin (BTC) mining.


This information comes from the schedule of the International Circuit Conference (ISSCC) held in February 022. Accordingly, Intel will have a launch titled "Bonanza Mine: Extremely low power Bitcoin mining ASIC chip".


According to a patent for Bonanza Mine, registered by Intel since 2018, this device is committed to be able to complete the same computational tasks as existing ASICs on the market, but with less power. use up to 15%.


The latest move will make Intel a competitor to the ASIC miners of the cryptocurrency sector like Bitmain or MicroBT.


In 2021, with the growth of the cryptocurrency market, the demand for crypto mining also expands, leading to a dizzying price increase and a scarcity of equipment that can be used to mine digital currencies, from ASIC mining even video cards. The last two months of the past year have seen huge orders of excavators from many large companies, with a total value of more than 1.5 billion USD.


Since the cryptocurrency mining ban in China in September , mining activity has been more evenly distributed to other regions such as North America , Kazakhstan , and Russia.