What is Comdex (CMDX)?

Comdex is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol of the Cosmos ecosystem. Comdex users can create and trade a variety of commodity synthetic assets. Comdex builds solutions that democratize finance by giving investors exposure to a wide range of assets.


Comdex's products

Comdex is rapidly evolving into an ecosystem of solutions that will democratize finance and eventually act as a bridge between DeFi and CeFi. To date, the platform has raised over $160 million in trading, serving traders from 18 institutions based in 4 jurisdictions. Comdex prides itself on the products it has developed to date and the functionality it offers the world:


Enterprise trading platform: Helps solve trust and efficiency issues in the commodity trade and SME/MSME have better access to financing.

ShipFi: Slated to launch in 2022, this app focuses on bringing trade finance liabilities and receivables on-chain for liquidity.

Synthetic Asset Issuance: Enables the creation of aggregators so that DeFi investors can gain exposure to real-world assets.

All of these solutions were designed from the ground up to work with each other. To better understand how these products are made to work, let's review the ideal workflow:


Trading is done on the enterprise trading platform.

At the time of receivables creation, traders can request liquidity from ShipFi funds, making capital from DeFi investors accessible.

These funds then collateralize real-world asset-backed NFTs and mint the synthetic asset. These synthetic assets can then be sold to DeFi investors, giving them exposure to real-world debt financial derivatives.

Comdex's Compound Asset Issuance Process

The Vault module manages and stores the creation of vaults.


Collateralized Positions allow the creation of commodity composites by locking another listed asset as collateral.


The Vault module manages and stores the creation of a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP). Collateral is locked in a vault and a new asset can be minted for a fraction of the collateral value. The user has to repay the debt by paying the minted asset to the vault to unlock the collateral. At this point, the minted asset will be burned and the collateral provided will be unlocked.


The price of the asset is tracked from oracles like Band Protocol or decentralized pools like Osmosis. The liquidation event is triggered when the position collateral falls below the minimum threshold value (Liquidation Ratio) for a cAsset.


Mortgage Rate = (Locked Collateral Value) / (Borrowed Asset Value)


Liquidation rates can vary depending on the type of collateral and the type of asset borrowed. In addition, liquidation rates can be adjusted and changed through governance proposals for each asset. Debt positions can be closed when the borrowed cAsset is paid back and the borrower pays a fee to close the position. After closing a position, the cAsset will be burned and the locked collateral returned to the borrower.



cSwap allows platform users to exchange their cAsset through an AMM (automated market maker). AMMs help set prices and facilitate trading through disallowed liquidity pools. Assets are swapped through AMM and transaction fees are charged for each order executed. Users of the platform can deposit their assets into liquidity pools to facilitate trading on cSwap, to earn CMDX token rewards and a portion of the trading fees earned by the pool.


Basic information about CMDX token

Token Name: Comdex

Ticker: CMDX

Blockchain : Atom

Token Standard: Updating

Contract: Updating

Token Type: Utility, Governance

Total Supply: 200.000.000 CMDX

Circulating Supply: 17.402.620 CMDX

Token Allocation

CMDX coin allocation chart


Team and Mentor: 25%

Treasury: 25%

Reward: 25%

Dev Community Development Fund: 12.5%

Airdrop: 12.5%

Token Release Schedule

CMDX token allocation schedule


What is CMDX token used for?

Governance: Comdex users and CMDX token holders are empowered to operate and control various parameters of the platform. Administration also allows modification of key parameters such as fees, cAssets, etc.

Transaction Fees: A fee for on-chain transactions and various platform fees are collected to compensate validators and make attacks on the network costly.

Reward: Incentivize early adopters and those performing critical network functions by providing liquidity to cSwap pools.

Stability: CMDX will have an algorithmic relationship with each aggregated asset to maintain the strength of the price pegs.

CMDX token storage wallet

You can store this token on Keplr Wallet.


How to earn and own CMDX token

Buy directly on the exchange.

Provide liquidity on cSwap for rewards

Where to buy and sell CMDX tokens?

Currently CMDX is traded at Osmosis exchange with a total daily trading volume of about 2 million USD.