The inventor of the famous PlayStation handheld game device Ken Kutaragi has just had a negative share about the metaverse as well as virtual reality (VR) glasses.

Metaverse has quickly become one of the hottest topics at the moment, especially after the social media giant Facebook changed its name to Meta in late 2021. Although it is becoming mainstream , but Ken Kutaragi, the father of the PlayStation console, showed no interest in this area.


In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Ken Kutaragi argued that the metaverse is not the next big step in the tech universe. For him, the metaverse has the function of division instead of unity.


“Being in the real world is important, but the metaverse is making us live in the virtual world and I can't see the point of doing this. Want to be a glossy image instead of the real you? That is basically no different from anonymous websites.”


Besides, Ken Kutaragi is also not a fan of virtual reality (VR) glasses to interact with the metaverse. He thinks VR will isolate us from the real world and he can't agree with this.


Kutaragi is considered to be the one who laid the groundwork for PlayStation when he persuaded Sony to enter the video game market in the early 90s. Thanks to the huge success of PlayStation, he became the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. in 1997 and led the development of PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3. Kutaragi was succeeded by Kaz Hirai as CEO in 2006; he later retired, serving as chairman emeritus and later becoming a technology consultant.


While Kutaragi is against the metaverse, the world's largest crypto fund Grayscale has an opposing view. Not long ago, Grayscale envisioned that the metaverse market would be valued at over $1 trillion in the next few years .


Grayscale has outlined that the potential of the metaverse is not only connected to the gaming sector, but also extends beyond. Advertising, digital events, social commerce, and developer/creative artist monetization are all aspects of the industry integrated.


Haim Israel, a strategist at Bank of America, is also upbeat on the matter, claiming the metaverse will be a "huge" investment opportunity in the future . In his view, the metaverse is a tool that will propel the crypto universe towards mass adoption, assuming certain conditions are met.