What is High Street (HIGH)?

Highstreet is a Play-to-Earn open-world metaverse that combines shopping, gaming, NFT, traditional brands, and crypto experiences in one MMORPG.


Highstreet combines e-commerce and retail with Metaverse and Web3. This is done by integrating traditional brands into the on-chain world, through coding products into “phygital” items.


Highstreet consists of the following key components that work together:


Highstreet Marketplace: Users can buy and sell NFTs in the in-game Highstreet Marketplace.

Forever Fomo Duck Squad (Ducks): Besides that is the official NFT mascot and avatar of the Highstreet world.

Asymmetric Gameplay: Highstreet will support players participating from many different platforms.

Highlights of Highstreet

Two-Token Model: Besides the HIGH token, the STREET token is the in-game currency of Highstreet World. This model helps ensure later players have an equal chance to enjoy the game without hyperinflation while still rewarding early entrants fairly. Use cases for STREET tokens include:


In-game currency: Used as the primary currency to facilitate all transactions in the game (i.e. buying from NPC characters representing the brand, buying from other players, repairing items in-game products).

Play-to-Earn: STREET can be obtained by hunting monsters and completing quests, STREET Token is equivalent to SLP in Axie Infinity.

Highlights of the highstreet project


Virtual Real Estate: Highstreet is made up of hexagonal parcels of land, which will be commissioned for real-world brands to develop to build in-game infrastructure (Clubs, shops). , housing, etc.).


Initial Home Offerings (IHO): Users can purchase their own “homes” at different locations in the Highstreet World through IHO.

VR Technology: Highstreet was built with the assumption that players will be completely immersed in the virtual world and that the more complete VR hardware available on the market. Besides actively working with top hardware manufacturers like HTC, there are other factors contributing to Highstreet's growth, including:


Personal version: To capture a user's representation of their body movements in the virtual world, the development team uses the Avatar SDK named Tafi Avatar, the same engine that powers the suite. RTFKT's CloneX NFT collection.

Social: To enable social features on VR, Highstreet was developed using the Unity Multiplay game engine, a multiplayer hosting service. It synchronizes the movements of the player's body and supports a large amount of data to maintain natural player movement (on par with an actual human).

VR Analytics: Delivers measurable data metrics for VR experiences through the use of gaze analytics, a new Retinad data analytics IP, acquired by the same team behind Highstreet.

VR technology on Highstreet


Basic information about HIGH token

Token Name : Highstreet

Ticker : HIGH

Blockchain : Ethereum

Token Standard : ERC-20

Contract : 0x71ab77b7dbb4fa7e017bc15090b2163221428282

Token Type : Utility, Governance

Total Supply : 100,000,000 HIGH

Circulating Supply : Updating

Token Allocation

high coin allocation chart


Early stage investors: 1%

Private Sales: 32.84%

Public Sales: 2.5%

Binance Launchpad: 1%

Play-to-Earn: 30%

Treasury: 9.16%

Reserve for ecosystem development: 9.5%

Marketing and activities with partners: 4%

Team: 8%

Advisor: 2%

Token Release Schedule

High Token Allocation Schedule


What is HIGH token used for?

In-game access: HIGH tokens are required in various areas for in-game development or access to special events.

In-game currency for special items: HIGH tokens can be used to purchase special items. For example, real estate or limited edition products on the Highstreet Marketplace.

Governance: HIGH token holders will be able to create and vote on on-chain governance proposals to define future Highstreet features.

HIGH token storage wallet

HIGH is an ERC20 token, so you will have a lot of wallet options to store this token. You can choose from the following wallets:


Floor wallet

Popular ETH wallets: Metamask, Myetherwallet, Mycrypto, Coin98 Wallet

Cold wallets: Ledger, Trezor

How to earn and own HIGH tokens

Buy directly on the exchange.


Where to buy and sell HIGH tokens?

Currently, HIGH is traded on many different exchanges with a total daily trading volume of about 8.2 million USD. Exchanges that list this token include: Gate.io, Binance, Pancake, Nominex, MEXC Global, BKEX, Impossible Finance, ...


Roadmap of Highstreet project

Q1 2022


Highstreet NFT Drop with Jonathan Koon

Highstreet Initial Home Offering (IHO)

Highstreet World Open Public Alpha

Q2 2022


Highstreet Initial user test of mobile companion app

First partnership content integration