FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried just revealed his picks for the three most promising blockchains in 2022, via the first episode of Decrypt 's new podcast .



Sam Bankman-Fried is one of the most influential people in the cryptocurrency industry, he is the 32nd richest billionaire in the United States , with a fortune of 22.5 billion USD and entered the Top 10 Crypto Person of the Year 2021. . His FTX brand has strong coverage in many different countries, especially with an exclusive presence in the professional sports field.


That is why crypto investors always want to consult his predictions and comments on future market trends. After listing the crypto industry's focus for 2022 , he made his pick for the three most promising blockchains, excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The FTX CEO's first answer should come as no surprise. Anyone who follows Sam on social media knows he is a big fan of Solana (SOL) . In the past, he has had a relatively harsh attitude towards those who are constantly criticizing and skeptical of SOL, when the coin experienced a period of price stagnation in January 2021.


Up to now, it can be affirmed that Sam's belief about SOL is completely correct. Solana was voted project of the year with a growth rate of more than 11,000% , at the highest price of 260 USD set in November.


“Solana has done what very few other blockchains do, which is scale. The project is one of the only blockchains that has a real logical path forward in scaling the network to the level you need to get to if you want to use it on an industrial scale.”


In fact, there is no denying the fact that AVAX has achieved many unexpected successes in 2021. Since the announcement of the new roadmap in mid-June, the platform immediately "transformed" with explosive growth with series of innovations in the area of ​​DeFi, stablecoins, etc., as well as forming strong relationships with major institutional investors in the world.


Wrapped Tokens are tokens stored on a blockchain, pegged to the asset they represent. This allows users to transfer their tokens from one blockchain to another, extending the utility of the token to work across multiple networks, making money transfers cheaper and easier.


“Wrapped in general will likely continue to evolve over time. When you encounter some barriers in trading between different blockchains like processing capacity or transaction fees, you have no choice but to go deeper than Wrapped assets.”


Finally, the FTX CEO noted that Bitcoin's influence on the overall market is likely to decline in the future, given the lack of flexibility and ubiquity of the Bitcoin blockchain. Even so, he still hopes Bitcoin will always play an important role as a hub of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.