This article will briefly cover how to get started with the Klaytn blockchain and guide to participating in KlayCity 's NFT sale .


Instructions for minting NFT KlayCity

KlayCity District Minting will take place at 07:00 PM on January 27, 2022 (Vietnam time).


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When the time is “in time”, this button will change to a red “Buy Now” button. Note that the button will appear automatically, otherwise the user should refresh the page. Next, the user will see the NFT purchase screen.


NFT purchase screen

Note that Captcha will need to be completed for each transaction. bottom of the screen by entering exactly 2–6 characters. The user can then select “buy” and a transaction prompt will appear (MetaMask/Kaikas).


Hit confirm and the user will soon see a prompt if it was successful.


If the CAPTCHA is entered incorrectly or the transaction fails, the user will see the transaction failed message. Once purchased, the NFT Land Pass will automatically be sent to the user's Klaytn wallet and will be able to trade them on both KlayCity and Opensea's internal marketplace instantly.


After 24 hours, users can "unbox" to see which NFT Land Pass it is and the accompanying details. This sale will support Kaikas and Metamask wallets.


In the case of new users to Klatyn, users can refer to the following information.