What is the GARI Network project?

The Chingari platform is a Solana-based cryptocurrency issued by the Indian social media platform.


Chingari Platform is an extension of the Chingari ecosystem into the blockchain space. The goal is to empower both creators and viewers with the financial and technological tools to interact directly with other sectors and have control over the long-term direction of society and the economy in relation to the economy. platform and products.


The platform connects to each other through the Chingari App and the $GARI token , opening up the app users to a wider blockchain world where they directly control their assets and can use their tokens both inside and outside the app to connect and transact with their partners, manage votes, and catalyze interaction with the platform and user base growth.


Special features of the GARI Network project

characteristics of gari network


The Chingari platform will allow users to publish short-form videos (similar to Tik Tok..) and earn $GARI tokens as a reward, and form close links with the community of the social platform. .


In 2020, Chingari shared 30% of the revenue earned on the platform with the creators. This is a period when content creators don't have many avenues to monetize their work on other social media platforms.

Chingari is continuing to disrupt the creator economy. This time, by allowing video creators and digital artists to earn cryptocurrency for creating and sharing their content.

The project is also enabling the audience to monetize with watch-2-earn, engage-2-earn and play-2-earn features in the Chingari app.

GARI acts as an in-app currency and a governance token.

Participating in the application, users can unleash their creativity, share and interact with them on the interface, and especially, viewers can also earn money by interacting in the application. . There will be many ways to make money on Chingari like


Play-2-Earn (Play for Money): Join in-app games to increase your chances of getting GARI bonus tokens.

Watch-2-Earn (Watch to make money): For those of you who are not interested in sharing or creating videos, just sitting and watching other users' videos can also make passive income without spending money. too much investment.

Engage-2-Earn (Interactive to earn money): Similar to other social media sites, users on Chingari can also interact (like, comment) on posts & aim to increase this activity strongly. Moreover, Gari also favors giving GARI tokens to users with good interaction.

Basic information of Token GARI Network – GARI token

Token Key Metrics

Ticker: GARI.

Blockchain: Solana.

Contract: CKaKtYvz6dKPyMvYq9Rh3UBrnNqYZAyd7iF4hJtjUvks.

Token Standard: SPL.

Token Type: Utility, Governance.

Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 PLGR.

Circulating Supply: Updating….

Token Allocation

Gari coin allocation diagram


Chingari Community Reserve Treasury: 25%

Public Sale: 20%

Staking Rewards: 15%

Advisors & Team: 15%

Seed Round: 10%

Private Sale: 10%

Airdrop to existing Chingari users: 5%

Token Release Schedule

gari token distribution schedule


Token Use Case

GARI is the native token of Gari Network and is applied as follows:


Products & rewards in the project (stake, tip, payment, ...).

Propose and vote on important system changes.

Development roadmap of the GARI Network project

roadmap gari network


Q3 2021

Developed on GARI.

300 thousand dollars Solana Grant.

$4 million fundraising led by Republic and Co-led by Galaxy Digital.

Private Sale Crypto VCs ($15 million).

Q4 2021

Integrated Chingari Beta Live.

Test Blockchain on devnet.

Public Sale on Republic (raised $12.3 million).

Launched GARI global communities – Indonesia,Vietnam, China, Turkey, Philippines, Africa.

Smart Contract Security Audits – Quantstamp / Solidified.

GARI X SolRazr IDO – $6 million.

Equity raised up to $15 million.

Q1 2022

Distribution of GARI Airdrop Campaign phase 1.

Launch of Wallet (wallet screens).

Transactional Mechanics.

Listed on the floor.

Smart Contract Mainnet.

Released for Android and iOS.

Agreement with artists GARI NFT electronic music producer).

Established GARI Hacker House.

Listed on CEX (Centralized).

Distribution of GARI Airdrop Campaign phase 2.

Audio Rooms Utility.

Rewards Earning.

GARI NFT Marketplace.

Hackathon for the community.

Smart Contract and Gari Wallet on Public Github.

Web Wallet Release.

Launched the Southeast Asian market (South-East Asia).

Q2 2022


Launched in America (Latin America) and Africa (Africa).


Launched in Europe (Europe) and United States (US).


Project development team

gari network development team


CEO & Chief of Product & Growth, Sumit Ghosh: He is a master of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. He was very successful in starting a business, the first time he started a business he made 9 million dollars.


COO, Deepak Salvi: He has more than 20 years of experience in the creative field, he is also a great contributor to the development of Zee5.


Co-founder & Head of Engineering, Biswatma Nayak: He has experience in building social media tools, dating apps and has attracted millions of users around the world today.


Co-Founder & Chief of Strategy, Aditya Kothari: He is a person with extensive experience in building and developing leading B2C companies in the world today.


Investors and partners

Gari project investorGari project investorGari project investor