What is Silo Finance Project?

Silo Finance is a new generation lending protocol. This is a non-custodial lending project with the vision of creating a safe, efficient and inclusive money market.


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Outstanding features of the Silo Finance project

Safety: By isolating the risk of any asset in a separate silo, new and higher risk assets can be used immediately in the lending markets without risk risk for the whole system.

Efficiency: Each market will have only two asset classes, a bridge asset and a single token. This design helps to centralize liquidity in single pools and ensures a high level of efficiency.

Scalability: With the isolated design of each market, the risks will be limited to a certain pool. Therefore, in theory all tokens that appear now could have their own lending market.

How Silo Finance project works.

Unlike the lending applications of DeFi generation 1.0, Silo Finance 's pools have an isolated structure (isolated-markets). Each of the isolated pools is called a Silo, which is the name of the project. Inside each silo there will be only two assets, including any crypto and a bridge asset (Ethereum).


how to operate silo finance


By isolating the risk of an asset into a silo, any new high-risk token can be used in this lending protocol without causing any significant harm. tells the entire system, in the event of a failure.


With permissionless mechanism, you can create your own market for any token. Additionally, as a non-custodial lending protocol, Silo also allows users to collateralize any crypto-asset.


Basic information of Silo Finance project token – SILO

Token Key Metrics

Token Name: Silo Finance

Ticker : SILO

Blockchain : Ethereum

Token Standard : ERC-20

Contract: 0x6f80310CA7F2C654691D1383149Fa1A57d8AB1f8

Token type: Governance

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SILO

Circulating Supply: 103,250,000 SILO

Token Allocation

coin silo allocation diagram


Genesis Protocol Owned Liquidity (10%)

Community Treasury (45%)

Early Contributors (6.75%)

Founding Contributors (21.75%)

Early Community Rewards (0.2%)

Investors & Advisors (6.30%)

Future Contributors & Future Mentors (10%)

Token Release Schedule

token silo allocation schedule


Token Use Case

SILO tokens will be used for Governance purposes. The project will be initialized as a DAO. SILO token holders will have the right to vote and vote on issues such as:


Directing the development of asset classes in the protocol.

Control the profit mechanism of the DAO.

Adjust mortgage-related issues such as LTV and Liquidation Threshold for each Silo.

Approve project development milestones.

The development roadmap of the Silo Finance project

Q4 2021 — Q2 2022


Silo DAO.

Genesis Token Auction Event.

Security reviews & audits (Quantstamp + C4 + others).

Beta version released.

Optimization of mortgage-related problems.

Optimize interest-related problems.

Liquidity incentive mechanism launched.

Data analytics & performance tracking.

Improved UI/UX.

TWAP Oracles security.

Developing a toolkit for developers related to bridge-asset yield.

Project development team

silo finance development team


Investors and partners