In recent days, Fantom has emerged as one of the most vibrant ecosystems, especially after the announcement regarding the Solidly project from Andre Cronje. So, what exactly is going on, and what's hot about the TVL war on Fantom? Let's find out together!


Andre and the billion dollar touch

A few weeks ago we talked about a collaboration project between Andre Cronje and Daniele. Model ve(3,3) of Solidly project is expected to create stable cash flow and fair game for many people.

In his post, Andre Cronje said he will allocate new project tokens to the top 20 projects of the Fantom ecosystem with the highest Platform Key Assets (TVL).

And that's when the money flow started to be drawn to the Fantom ecosystem. In addition, a lot of tricks were used to get the biggest piece of cake.

veDAO and 1 billion USD in one night

After 24 hours of launching, veDAO has attracted $1 billion in key assets to the network. Bring this project to easily reach the top 2 position of TVL on Fantom ecosystem.

And what veDAO does, is simply a farm in the pool 1 – pool 2 structure, paying users rewards in the form of WEVE tokens. If you are interested in pool 1 - pool 2, you can refer to the farming tutorial video below!

Okay, now back to the developments from the TVL war!

0xDAO – Disrupter

And of course, when the piece of cake is taken away too easily, the remaining projects will also have to take action. 0xDAO was born as an alliance between projects surpassed by veDAO

0xDAO implements the veDAO vampire attack, with the incentive for users to migrate (transport) tokens in veDAO to the format in 0xDAO.

With a diverse pool farm structure, including many supporting assets of projects such as Scream, Tomb, LQDR, 0xDAO, after only 4 hours, 0xDAO quickly regained its top position on DefiLlama's rankings.

Latest moves from Andre

Recently, Andre Cronje had a series of tweets mentioning TVL attraction-themed development projects for the race(3,3). This list includes: veDAO, Grapes Finance, 0xDAO, Radial Finnance and Solidex.

Andre also confirmed in the tweet that this is just a post that summarizes the names of the projects, not for personal support from this developer.

In addition, Andre did not forget to warm up and count down to the official snapshot date (January 23). Recently, Andre also participated in a podcast show with Daniele on the Frog Nations channel and shared his views on the development of current token models.