Recently, Warena has released a 2D version of the game with a trailer for its new story. To see the impact of the community's reception, the project decided to launch a brand new Reaction tournament on Youtube. Details will be presented in this article.


The Reaction Tournament is organized into 2 campaigns:


2D Game Reaction #2DWReaction: 03:00 PM on January 25 – 03:00 PM on February 9, 2022

The Reckoning Trailer Reaction #TReaction: 03:00 PM on January 26 - 03:00 PM on February 10, 2022

Please note: Only 1 Reaction product is allowed per campaign per person. For those who submit 2 results, Warena will default to the last submission.


How to join?

Step 1: Users need to register for a Warena account


( A Beginner's Guide ).


Step 2: Get THREE NFTs ready


Buy mystery boxes on Warena Marketplace .

Buy RENA from any of the following exchanges: PancakeSwap (V2) , MEXC , and Gate

It takes 30 RENA to open 1 mystery box.

Step 3: Choose 1 of 2 campaigns to participate in (or choose both): see detailed instructions in the following section


Play, Earn and React

Campaign 1: 2D Game React

For gamers Warena. Players need to complete the following steps:


Record a video recording the user's own reaction or the reaction of friends and family when participating in the 2D game version experience.

Upload the react video to YouTube as public with the hashtag #WarenaSurvival2D #2DWReaction #WReaction

Share the video on all user social media platforms to get as much engagement as possible.

As mentioned above, in this reaction campaign, each of the most creative, funniest and cutest videos will be rewarded with 140 W-Sherd Stones. In addition to these 3 rewards, the remaining participants of Warena will be rewarded based on reach and engagement. The law will be as follows:


Users will be asked to answer a question in the Gleam link to receive 100 bonus points.


The scoring system is 1 view = 1 point, 1 like = 5 points, 1 comment = 10 points


The winner will receive W-Shred Stones, which are used to level up NFT warriors. After scoring, the rewards for campaign 1 will be distributed as follows:


Winner: 140 W-Shred

#2: 140 W-Shred

#3: 140 W-Shred

Top 4-10: 75 W-Shred

Top 11-20: 50 W-Shred

Top 21-2000: 10 W-Shred

Campaign 2: The Reckoning Trailer Reaction

For everyone, including those who don't have a Warena account:


Take a video as a reaction while watching the trailer of Warena

Upload video to Youtube with hashtag #TheReckoning #TReaction #WReaction

Users only need to watch and react to the trailer for the new story of Warena. This is a clip simulating the story of Icarus and will be officially broadcast on January 26, 2022. Users will have 1 day to warm up and watch Warena's story: The Reckoning here .


Warena's Marketing team will select 10 winners to give away a free NFT mystery box.


Rewards for 10 campaign 2 winners based on engagement:


# 1: 3 Premium Box

#2: 2 Premium and 1 Lite box

#3: 1 Premium and 1 Lite box

Top 4-10: 1 Lite box

Evaluation Criteria

Warena wants to see the public reception of the 2D version of the game, so the project is looking for honest and creative responses from the community. In addition, users can also create a tutorial or play strategy for others to follow. The Warena team will evaluate based on the following 3 categories:


The most creative construction content

The most educational content

The most loved content by the community