Critical thinking is the key to breaking free from thought ruts, helping you to solve difficult problems more creatively and effectively. The book "Critical Thinking" written by trainer Zoe McKey will help you unleash the power of your mind. The work contains the secrets and strategies of the most successful individuals, helping readers to:


- Explore the depth of thinking


- Awaken creativity


- Seize the opportunity


- Don't be afraid to dream


- Overcoming anxiety


- Effective time management


After reading the work, your intuition will be significantly sharpened, so your ability to evaluate and make decisions will also improve, helping you to be more confident in all your actions.


If motivated enough to practice the methods in “ Critical Thinking ”, you will learn a way of thinking with direction, focus, discipline, and self-control. You will know how to analyze situations from different angles, not rush to draw false and subjective conclusions, have a more correct view of life's phenomena, and no longer have regrets. with its decisions and behaviour.