There was once a story about a great salesman who could sell any product he wanted. And so he became a master of sales, a priceless asset and the dream of every business.

Becoming a master of sales is the dream of every business. That also means successfully creating for yourself an open and certain future.

If you really want that, this book The Ultimate Selling Machine will help you achieve your goals. With one condition: You must read it very carefully, understand it correctly, and follow as fully as possible what you have read in this book.

"The Ultimate Selling Machine"  by  Chet Holmes  - the world's leading sales expert will bring you simple things like your own life. The twelve most effective sales strategies ever are actually 12 jobs that any professional salesperson would do if he wanted to become a sales master.

In turn, each sales strategy is presented as cogs connecting the parts of the sales machine:

  • Strategy 1: The secret of time management of billionaires.
  • Strategy 2: Set higher standards and conduct regular training.
  • Strategy 3: Organize effective seminars.

Focus, consistency and discipline. Instead of doing 4,000 things at once like before, now we only need to do 12 things. Instead of doing each task only 12 times, now we do 4,000 times for each task. That's how we quickly become sales experts, helping us to work smarter without working harder.

In addition, this is also a bedside book for managers. We will find out how to effectively manage our time to truly be a “one minute manager”, we will also learn how to recruit and retain good employees, improve the quality of our work. business, building an excellent sales team, how to have a list of dream customers...