Warena's money-making mechanism

About WARE tokens

WARE is the in-game currency used to promote warriors and buy items. It is also the main currency earned when playing games. In some random cases, RENA can also be awarded away as a reward, but in this article, the project will focus on WARE.

Currently, there will be 4 main ways to earn WARE tokens in the game.

Daily tasks
Exploration Mode
Achievement milestones
Weekly ratings
Through the daily quest, you will earn a fixed token level - this is also the top concern of the vast majority of players.

On the other hand, when participating in The Explorer mode you will receive a series of rewards when passing the corresponding mission or level milestones. After you take turns conquering the levels of the game, you will be rewarded hot when you exceed certain achievement milestones.

Finally, the top 100 players per week will be rewarded further based on the project's pre-ranked method.

Daily tasks
This is the main method that helps players earn a stable number of WARE just by completing daily tasks.

Tasks include participating in matches, taking part in challenges and winning challenges under certain conditions.

Expedition mode
After completing a match, you will receive a reward for defeating the enemy. WARE can earn every time you complete an expedition.

Get tokens in the game:

For example, when a player completes a level, they will be rewarded. They are only rewarded once on each level.

For example, when level 1 ends, players will be rewarded with 50 WARE. The same goes for levels from 1 to 10. Then, from the 11–20 levels, the reward is increased to 80 WARE. Currently, there are about 150 levels waiting for people to discover - you will earn a lot of WARE!

For regular players, they can compete in the top of the game's rankings – the rankings will be updated every Monday at 00:00 GMT.

The highest ranked player in Warena will receive an extremely large number of WARE per week. Of course, the reward will be reduced from 2-100, but surely the participants will feel very excited because their efforts are rewarded.

There are other ways to make money.
In addition to earning WARE through the game, Warena players can also stake RENA into the platform and start making gains from their admin tokens. There will also be a mechanism to support the rental of warriors between players, in which the lessee receives a percentage of the reward that the tenant achieves.

When players accumulate many good NFT warriors, they can also sell off some warriors they don't like anymore right on Warena Marketplace.

About Warena
With a vision to bring blockchain games closer to people, Warena has pioneered the world's first play-to-earn game that allows you to live, play and make money in a lively metaverse using your own unique NFT character.