The Tibetan Code – Volume 1

The Tibetan Code is a fascinating series of novels that combine true history and rich imagination by author Hippo that takes the reader on a mysterious adventure to discover the mysterious Tibetan culture as well as the world. like the fierce legends of this frozen land.

The Tibetan Code is about the adventures of Zhuo Muqiang Bo and his group of friends on the search for the Zi Qilin - the world's most powerful dog of the Tibetan Mastiff species, which has been entangled in the struggle for the treasure of thousands of years. Tibetan Buddhism

The adventure is initially to find the Zi Qilin, a kind of summoned beast from ancient times, and then moves on to find the temple of Silver Ba La. Perhaps the author exaggerated a lot when telling about this adventure, with ancient castles, magnificent ancient temples, mysterious invincible army (Army of Light), etc.

It cannot be denied that Hippo has created a series of thrilling novels that have great appeal. The Tibetan Code has the charm of the Kim Dung swordplay novel combined with The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol... by Dan Brown.

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